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This firm is building lifestyles since 1994

A percentage of our profits is donated to support institutions for homeless children and adolescents.

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We are an Architecture and Design firm specialized in projects for beach houses, vacation homes, and boutique hotels. We were born 20 years ago with the major purpose of creating and transforming true architecture, living spaces adapted to the actual needs of our clients. We rescue the pure essence of art and design to make a fusion where the human being moves to an endless paradise of emotions.


The firm, founded by the architect Mikkael Kreis, was born with the fundamental idea of ​​creating timeless architecture, livable spaces adapted to the genuine needs of our clients. We merge the roots of Latin America architecture with the comforts, materials and technologies of modern life, creating spaces where the human being moves to a paradise of endless emotions.

Traveling ennobles and expanding the vision of man, which after knowing new places, people and cultures will never return to their original state.
Mikkael Kreis
Creative director

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For over twenty years, we have had the honor of being chosen to develop housing projects, thanks to the commitment and discipline that we have shown through our work.


We seek to turn each project into an icon of architecture in homage to the history and traditions of the American continent, and to the ancient master architects who have given life to wonderful spaces that even after centuries continue to show their greatness through materials, monumental details, and spaces that elevate man’s existence to the maximum.